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Ashling Market & Catering


Ashling Market & Catering is a southern-comfort style food and drink catering company inside of one of Baltimore's oldest opera houses. The venue is currently in the process of undergoing many updates to the structure both on the interior and exterior. The opera house is transitioning from old opera shows to featuring modern, popular acts with top music performances, comedy shows, and off-broadway plays. With two shows a night, the opera house brings in in roughly 2500 viewers a show.


+ Brand & Identity

+ Brand Related Photography

+ Menu Design

+ T-shirt & Apron Design

+ Advertising

+ Email Marketing

+ Signage

+ Interior Design


Ashling Market & Catering came to us with a problem that needed TLC - fast! The company inherited three out-dated bars, a dining hall and a lounge, all inside one of Baltimore's oldest opera houses. The co-owner of the catering service needed a logo redesigned after their previous designer lost touched. With their southern, home-cook style meals and the opera house focusing more on music events with popular headliners, they knew they wanted their logo to incorporate a rustic, farmhouse charm with some rock and roll flare. We accepted this challenge. Using a classic serif font for the typography and a rooster weather-vane standing on an electric guitar, was one of our winning solutions. We created branded apparel, aprons, business cards, and new interior design for the bars, dining hall, and lounge. We wanted the brand to continue the same aesthetic as the logo. So we came up with a solution to give the older bars a cosmetic facelift. We added new light fixtures, updated the cabinets, added tile and textiles to bring out the rustic charm our clients were looking for. We worked with the owners to design signage that was functional and help generate revenue.

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