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Bmore Gif Lab


Bmore GIF LAB is a Baltimore based, live action photo booth that takes GIFs from an attractive device attached to a sleek, wireless tripod. Any GIF taken of yourself in front of the live action photobooth will get sent directly to your smartphone and you can share your GIFs instantly on social media. The new alternative to a photobooth is perfect for parties, celebrations, weddings, and corporate events.



+ Brand & Identity

+ Brand Photography

+ Print Design

+ Web Graphics

+ Web Design

+ Advertising

+ Marketing


Bmore GIF LAB came to us with the project of creating their brand and identity. Baltimore has a very industrial heritage and has a proud, retro look-and-feel to the small city. We wanted to implement these elements in the branding with industrial textures and retro typography. We took the "O" in "Bmore" and made it resemble a camera lens taking a photo. Along with the logo, we created business cards, marketing collateral, and a responsive one page website.

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