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Cool for the Summer


Cool for the Summer is a raspberry and lemonade flavored vape juice with a playful, summer romance story between a lemon and a raspberry to go along with it. The story on the fun and colorful box reads, "Larry the Lemon was just a single guy looking for love when he met Rachel the Raspberry. He instantly fell in love with her, but will their romance last? Or will they just be cool for the summer?"


+ Brand & Identity

+ Illustration

+ Package Design

+ Print Design

+ Marketing

+ Advertising

+ Web Graphics

+ Digital Design


We began the project illustrating the characters Larry the Lemon and Rachel the Raspberry in a bubbly, cartoonish-style. Once the characters were illustrated and brought into the computer, we began exploring textures and font choices that reflected the style of the characters. We used limited colors of pinks, purples, and yellow and kept the overall design simple with a playful personality. We designed the product packaging and web graphics, various marketing collateral, and a graphic for the online splash-page.

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