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Create! Magazine


Create! Magazine is an independent, bimonthly magazine that showcases talented artwork from professional artists, features inspirational interviews, and advice from top professional artists. Their mission is to welcome artists from around the world and their goal is to create a unique, and exciting art community both online and through print. Create! Magazine is in stores both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. 



+ Brand & Identity

+ Print Design

+ Editorial & Layout

+ Advertising

+ Web Graphics


Maple Projects, LLC had the opportunity to brand the Create! Magazine. The overall goal of the logo was to reflect the style of the magazine. Colorful, eclectic, and completely different than any magazine on the shelves. The goal was for every issue to be unique. With textures, pops of color, while highlighting the artwork. We did not want the typical serif or sans serif font in large type going across the top of the magazine, we wanted Create! Magazine to stand out. We decided the logo should resemble something of brush strokes and handwritten, as if an artist had painted it themselves. We carry that idea throughout the magazine and apply to to web graphics and social media.

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