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Every Drip Matters


Every Drip Matters (EDM) is a premium e-liquid juice that connects the energetic environment of EDM concerts with vape juice. The EDM e-liquid juice comes in six unique flavors: General Admission, The Drop, Encore, Backstage Pass, Light Show and PLUR. EDM was looking for to re-brand and we took on the task of creating a really exciting and eye-catching brand.



+ Brand & Identity

+ Advertising

+ Print Design

+ Package Design

+ Web Design

+ Web Graphics


You will notice the before and after photo of the packaging. On the left, you will see the original packaging had a lot of negative white space. When the product was sitting on the shelves, the white packaging did not appear as exciting as the other colorful products surrounding it. 


Because this brand was inspired by energetic EDM concerts, we knew immediately we needed to catch the attention of a potential buyer with bright colors and fun graphics. On the right, we updated the EDM logo with sound waves, still keeping the circular shape. We used bold colors and kept the splash graphic as well. Once the packaging and identity was created, we carried the design on the splash-page and in their marketing collateral.

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